Yikes! 14 Pound Baby Born to California Mom

Yes, you saw that right, 14lbs! Can you even imagine? My nether regions are cringing just thinking about birthing a 14 pound baby. Ouch! Apparently, the Salinas, California mother was in labor for 2 days before the doctors finally went in and got the big guy via cesarean section. At 14lbs, Matthew Anthony Maldanado's birth weight was almost twice that of the average newborn birth weight of 7.5lbs I'm not a doctor, but I personally find it a bit odd that they let this woman labor for 2 days with such a big boy in there trying to get out. Also, it's probably better that he was born via c-section, instead of vaginally (if you know what I mean...). Well, I'm sure mommy's glad that her son is here, safe and healthy. Best of luck!