Would You Turn Your Ultra Sound into a Necklace?

On July 30th, a Japanese 3D model company named Fasotec launched a "mother" service which will turn an ultra sound image into a small sculpture.  The company actually creates 3d models for healthcare education, but this new mother service is sure to add an interesting twist to their business portfolio. How Does it Work?: Using a method called Bio-Texture Modeling, a CT or MRI will collect 3D data from your pregnant belly, and this data will be printed in 3D.  Next "the 3D printer sprays two resins simultaneously, transparent for the mother’s body and white for the baby, creating a transparent replica of the mother’s belly with the fetus visible inside."  Wow.  Fasotec recommends having the sculpture done close to the mother's due date so the sculpture will have more detail.

How Much Does it Cost?:  About $1250 will get you a scultpure approximately 1.5" X 2.4" X 3.5" in size (converting from 40 X 60 X 90 mm) and a weigh of less than 1/2 lb.  However, if you're willing to pay more, then Fasotec can create the sculpture in small or larger sizes, so you can do just about anything you want with this ultra-sound sculpture.

I'm simultaneously freaked out and intrigued by this new advancement.  I'm not sure if it's something I would ever consider, but then again, there were a million things I said I would never do before becoming a mom, and I've reversed my opinion on almost all of them, so who knows.  It doesn't look like this service is available yet in the US, anyways, so I have to time to think about (lol), but I am curious to see how mothers will respond to it....

Check out the video!: