What's The Rush?


I decided to apply my new resolve smile more and stress less to household chores. I sadly admit that I am one of those moms who sits my toddler in front of the tv to watch PBS so I can rush through my morning cleaning. I've been feeling REALLy guilty about it lately, especially given all the recent reports about how tv negatively effects child brain development. There has of course also emerged a lot of backlash suggesting that report wasn't entirely accurate, but I've been feeling bad nonetheless. Anyways, I decided that if I couldn't or wouldn't use the tv to entertain my son, and he refused I entertain himself, I would just have to put him to work with me. Yes, it takes me 3 times the time to get my housework done with him creating more mess and tagging along, but we're both having a good time. Plus, what's the rush?! I'm a stay at home mom. My job is Miles. If it takes me an hour to do my morning cleaning instead of 20 minutes, who does that really hurt? #smilemorestressless.