Weekly Resolution


Hi Friends! Sorry I haven't posted the past few days, but my family and I are on a trip to San Francisco so the days are full of walking which leads to nights of exhaustion and early bed times! Anyways, since its already Wednesday, I can't exactly have my usual Monday resolution. So this will just be my Week Resolution, which is a simple one: enjoy San Francisco. Between the plane rides, my son sleeping in a hotel crib that he's not used to, and us missing our weekly visits with Oma and Opa, traveling with a toddler to a big city can easily turn into a hair raising experience. But I'm resolved to take a chill pill, go with the flow, and just spend the next week enjoying this wonderful city that used to be our home.

Thus far, Miles is already adjusted to our routine here. In the morning by about 830 he asks to go for his walk (oh how I've missed our daily walks through town) and to get ice from the ice machine (because I'm being cheap and hate the idea of spending $10 on non organic hotel milk, we buy our own small cartons of milk and store it in the ice bucket, which Miles and I refill every morning) Isn't funny the types of things kids pick up on?!

There are so many things I love about my son, but one of them is his ability to adapt to any environment. He enjoys running around Union Square and Maiden Lane just as much as he loves jumping in the lake and kicking a ball. He's readjusting to city life quite well :).

Here are a few pictures from our week so far: