Look at that smile.  Motherhood. This is why we do it.  Driving to practices 3X a week. Sitting in a crowded, hot & stuffy chlorine filled room for several hours on a weekend.  If you don’t have kids it probably sounds asinine. But that smile, are you kidding me?  It makes my heart explode.  That look of happiness, contentment, achievement - but mostly happiness.  Miles has found one of his happy places, the pool.  He’s participated in a lot of different sports since he was 3.  Soccer, basketball, etc, but he’s never too interested in team sports.  I’m a big proponent of exposing my kids to everything, making them stick with their commitments, but ultimately choosing something they love.  As long as they show motivation at something, I think I’ve done my job (it probably has very little to do with me, but I’m going to take some credit, ok?? Thanks).  

What has shocked me over and over again is his commitment and excitement at doing the work. When Miles first started on the swim team he was a good.  A lot of natural ability, but still needing A LOT of work.  Good. Not great.  It used to hurt my stomach watching him at practice - I waffled between being proud, and thinking he was going to drown.   Basically, being on a swim team is a TON of work for him.  He has to really really work at it. Every time he shows up for practice he has to give 110%. For an hour. That’s a lot for a little 7 year old body.  But every time he gets out of the pool, it’s with a huge smile. Every time, he gets a little better. I get that he’s only 7, things change, interests change. I hope he keeps up this love for swimming.  But mostly, I am happy for him that he has experienced the feeling of not being great at something, but loving it enough to keep at it, owning your mistakes, working hard at improving, and having a passion.  Those are feelings/experiences he can keep with him his whole life.  Most people live a lifetime and still don’t have those skills.  

Today, that passion translated into confidence.  He took that hard word, that love, and let it fuel him during his first meet.  No nerves, no stress. Just pure enjoyment. And he did amazing!!

Now, my job as a mom is to make sure those stay with him, wherever he goes and whatever he does. That level of determination, and happiness in his determination. I almost envy it. I want to bottle it, shake it up, and pour it all over me every morning.   Geez, We learn SOOOOO much from our kids, right? Motherhood.





Crystal Ahmadi