Wakanda One-Liners For the Win!



I'm still stuck in my Black Panther fog. There was so much melanin magic, that I'm honestly going to need to see that movie another 5 times and have another month to digest before I speak intelligently about my experience in Wakanda.  But, in the meantime, the one thing I'm thoroughly enjoying are the think pieces coming out, breaking down everything from scenery, to costumes, to quotes.  Blavity had a fun post about the top one liners from Black Panther.  This is one of my (many) favorites, a pitch perfect exchange between T'Challa and Nakia:  

"If you weren't so stubborn you would make a great queen." "I would make a great queen because I'm stubborn-- if that's what I wanted."

Ok, lets break this down for just moment, mmmkay.  So, here is this man (I love you T'Challa, no shade), imposing on a woman his ideas of what he believed would make a good partner, a good queen.  As if he were the arbiter of what type of personality was the "right" personality to lead as a woman.  Then, comes our beautiful, strong heroine who turns that out-dated sh*t right on its head.  She's like, um excuse me, I love who I am, and actually being strong, stubborn, intelligent, and passionate warrior goddess would make me a great queen. Oh, but by the way, thanks but no thanks for the offer.  I am completely fulfilled in the path that I've chosen for myself. But, IF I chose to grace you with the honor of being your partner and Queen, ya'll would be lucky. Mmmkay. Thanks.  Damnit I love this movie.  #YesQueen #WakandaForever #Strongisthenewpretty