Trader Joe's Rose Oil to the Rescue - Yes, Trader Joe's

I have a new skin care LOVE!  Ready for it?  Its from Trader Joes.  No seriously, bear with me.  First, I think we can all agree that Trader Joes is a pretty magical place.  So, when I was grocery shopping and happened to see Rose Facial Oil, I was like, hm, interesting, I'll give it a try.  I'm actually kind of picky about my skin care. I usually lean towards lines like Kiehls or La Mer, but I also love anything featuring rose oil, AND IT WAS ONLY $5, so what could it hurt to try.  So, I've been using it consistently now for 2 months, and IT IS AMAZING.  First, its smells divine.  Second, you can use as much as you want, so if I'm having a long day and looking a little worse for wear, I just spread some of this glorious oil on. Rose oil has been described as having anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating properties.  I can totally see these things at work the TJ facial oil.   I feel like my skin looks much more dewey and plump.  And you know how I know its working.  I've had a lot of stress lately, but my mom keeps commenting on how great my skin looks. My skin is usually the first thing to go to shi*t if I'm stressed.  So, in my opinion, the fact that it hasn't says a lot about my new skin care regime.  It's only available for a limited time, so I went back and bought 4 bottles (which is STILL cheaper than a container of La Mer...mmmkkayy...).  This oil is so good, I want everyone to try it - but also I kinda don't, because I want to keep all the bottles for myself!

TJ's also introduce a rose hand lotion, but that is already sold out.  They may be getting a new shipment, so trust, I will also be stocking up on that business!

Crystal Ahmadi