Too Many Apples

My husband just upgraded me from my 4 year old SonyVaio PC to a MacBook Air.  I of course, initially protested:  We just went on vacation - lets not spend unnecessary money, I don't rrreeaaalllyy need it, my old pc still kind of works (I would yell this over the overheating fan groaning in fatigue).  Maybe sometimes it's okay for my husband to ignore me (as long as he doesnt make a habit of it, and it only involves me receiving overpriced luxury items that I dont really need).  I'm really digging this machine, but I also I feel like such a cliche. I mean our house is bombarded with Apple products, Ipads, Iphones, Apple Tvs, etc,etc.  It's bit weird, I admit.  I guess I just have to live with the fact that we have too many apples :).

So from now on, I'll be blogging from my super sleek, fancy pants new MacBook Air.  Smiles.  Just thought I'd share...