To Know or Not to Know

To know or not to know, that is the question! Know what? The sex of my baby! As a young woman growing up in the age of give me everything now, I assumed that most expectant parents found out the sex of their child. However, I was quite wrong. It seems that the ancient tradition of finding out the sex on the day of delivery is still quite vogue. During conversations, many people were actually surprised to hear that my husband and I could hardly wait until our 2nd trimester ultra sounds to find out. The most common reasoning I heard from parents who were waiting was that they want to be surprised on the day they give birth. I also remember hearing that it can make labor easier not knowing because you’re so anxious to find out what you are having. Interesting theory….

As I kept hearing more and more tales of parents who waited or who were planning on waiting, for a moment I felt not quite hippy-chic enough because I was using technology to see into the future to find out my baby’s sex. However I soon realized this had nothing to do with it. There is no category or stereotype assigned to my decision of finding out the baby’s sex. Everything, and I do mean everything about pregnancy is so personal. Some of us make decisions based on research and some of us make decisions based on gut instinct, and some of us make decisions with a combination of both. So, it is only natural that as women with varying backgrounds, personalities, and ideologies we will each choose different paths for our pregnancy experience. The important piece I’ve realized is that we should all simply respect the decisions of the mommies-to-be. There’s nothing more annoying than that know-it-all who thinks that their way is the only right way to do it. Yuck!

All I know, is that I was super excited to learn we’re expecting a little boy! My husband and I both decided that the event of giving birth is enough surprise for us. Our little boy doesn’t have a name yet (ironically, we had a million perfect little girl names picked out), but now that I know the sex, I can’t wait to do a little shopping! It used to be that only baby girl clothes were fun to buy, but it seems designers have finally started making some fantastic little pieces for boys too! Maybe that's a shallow reason to be excited about learning the sex, but of course it's not the only reason. I also simply love being able to say "our little boy." It just feels really special to me. When I or my husband rub my belly, sing, or talk to our son, I like being able to say "he" or "him."

I'd love to hear from you. Did you/will you wait? Share your story!