Time to Tackle your Ballots


Yesterday, my kids’ school went on lockdown after someone threatened to shoot up an elementary school in the neighborhood. “Luckily” the lock down wasn’t too scary for my kiddos because they have drills and they knew exactly what to do.  I’m sorry, but WTF?!  Ummm, when I was in school we had fire drills (stop drop and roll) and earth quake drills (duck and cover). Not, what do you do if a madman comes into your school and stars firing bullets drills!!!  I am sorry, but it is completely insane to me that we have normalized the idea of school shootings to the point where kids are perfectly okay with being locked in a dark classroom, huddled on the floor, blinds closed lights out, completely quiet and waiting for the“bad guys” to go away.  

I don’t have the answers on gun reform. But someone has to step up somewhere and create legislation that makes sense and considers the safety and security of our most precious citizens.  

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Crystal Ahmadi