Third Trimester!

At my 28th week, I'm now in the home stretch!
Last weekend I celebrated my first Mother's Day.  My husband and I had a low-key evening by the fireplace drinking non-alcoholic champagne, listening to music and watching the baby move in my belly.  I think he already has a good feel for music and rhythms!  Whenever a song with a slow beat played, his movements were slow and shallow, but during songs with fast and aggressive beats, my little son was kicking like crazy.  Too cute!!

As my belly keeps growing, I also notice the effects on my body.  For example, I am having pretty consistent shortness of breath.  Yesterday at the gym, it was annoyingly difficult for me to keep my heart rate below 140 (recommended maximum heart rate for pregnant women) because my body is simply getting tired a lot faster than before.  Also, backaches are now a pretty consistent companion, but I've just learned to live with them.  All-in-all, my complaints are pretty minimal, and the pregnancy is progressing quite well.

In addition to adjusting to my ever growing body, starting the third trimester means putting baby preparation activities into full gear.   It is recommended that moms-to-be finish Lamas class 4-6 weeks before the due date, so I'll be starting my classes within the next couple of weeks.   Also now present on my to do list is creating the baby nursery, finding a pediatrician, and increasing my doctor visits from once per month to twice per month.

Although I am so excited about my pregnancy and baby, starting all this child planning is a bit nerve racking.  The fact that I will be birthing and caring for a little person in a couple months is so real now.  There is just no denying the life altering event on the horizon.

So, as I mentally and physically prepare myself for what is in store, this is what my baby is up to this week:

  • He is 2.5 lbs
  • He is almost 16 inches long
  • He blinks
  • REM (rapid eye movement) sleep starts
  • His lungs are almost fully developed
  • Moving, moving, moving!! Although he tends to remain stationary when new people are around, once he is exposed to their voices for a couple hours, he restarts his activities.