The Privilege of Summer Boredom


You know what I've discovered? Summer is really annoying. Really.  As a working mom, its a pain in the ass.  If you want to make sure you have childcare for your kids, you have to sign up for a million summer camps, 6 months in advance that cost a crazy amount of money, and generally have you running all over town for pick-ups and drop-offs at the most inconvenient times!  And I really hate all the little articles I see sprinkled around about how parents need to stop over-scheduling their kids in the summer and to just let them be bored.  Um hello, I would LOVE to just let my kids be bored, and me a long with them! Duh.  No one actually enjoys the hustle of summer camps (well, maybe there are a few masochists out there).   Luckily for my kids, we have grandparents nearby and mommy forgot to over-schedule them this summer. Oops.  So, they actually get to be a part of the privileged group of bored summer kids - spending most of their days in the care of grandma and grandpa.  Which has been a blast for them.  Biking, hiking, swimming, tennis, slumber parties.  So yes, I totally agree that it is WONDERFUL for kids to be bored.  They're happy and content and deliciously sunkissed after their days of freedom.  To spend time going for walks and riding bikes and reading and sitting eating ice-cream cones - there's nothing better!  Sadly, it's just not a reality for a lot of us, all the time. 

So, to all the over-scheduled kids (and mommy‚Äôs beating themselves up with mommy guilt), I know I'm not a psychologist, but I'm gonna say, it's okay. There are worse things in life than chess camp.  And to the families that get to have bored kiddos, congratulations!  I know having the kids in the house all day can seem a bit crazy-making, but cherish the time because its a privlege that few get to enjoy.