The Power of Style

“For too long, women have been made to feel like their interests, their strengths, are less than – less serious, less important. Over time that becomes internalized. I get it. It’s hard to shake off the conditioning. But the reality here is that there is significant power in style – AS EVIDENCED BY THE EXISTENCE OF THIS LIST.”’  -LaineyGossip.  So last week, THR released their most powerful stylists list.   In the Hollywood game a stylist could literally make or break a career.  That is obviously a big generalization, and of course here are exceptions to every generalization.  Raw talent will stand on its own, but raw talent coupled with a killer red carpet game can up career potential - and earning power.   So this list is pretty big deal in the Hollywood game.

But what I really want to talk about is that quote in connection with an interesting conversation I had.  After a bit of a hellish day, I went to get some quiet time at my local gym/social club.  As I was journaling and sipping a little Pinot, a mom from my kids’ school happened to be at the table next to me.  We don’t really know each other, but she was like hey, I kinda know you, should we have a drink together.  Ding ding ding. I loved that. It drives me crazy when people try to act like they don’t know you, or can’t be bother to just chill and get to know a new person. I already knew I was going to like this woman.  So anyways, long story short, we got to talking about our kids, raising strong women and compassionate men, who get it.   About our own struggles of being women in male dominated fields, and they ways in which we try to make a path for ourselves.  We talked about the importance of female networks, and mentors, of supporting each other and embracing each other’s imperfections.  Of using any power we have built to help leave the world a better place for our kids.  And at the end, the conversation trailed into fashion, because - duh! And basically we were like, look, women can be strong and smart and beautiful and love fashion. That doesn’t mean we aren’t serious.  It doesn’t mean we won’t hand  your ass to you if need be. It doesn’t mean we don’t mean business. Frankly, people are pretty visual, and they might take me more serious if I walk into a business meeting well dressed.  Shitty? Yes, but still true. And I’m not sayin being well dressed necessarily gives you power, or to dress well to make other people feel better.  But if you like lipstick and Louboutins, that doesn’t make you less powerful either. And hell, if you get a little extra shine and a confidence boost because you looked smashing during that presentation to a boardroom full of naysayers, so be it, no need to be shy or embarrassed about it.  It doesn’t make you silly.  Don’t be afraid of whatever it is that makes you shine.  Because that is what is amazing about women.  We can do whatever we want. We can do everything and be everything - if we want.  And some days you just need to put on some red lipstick and and some red bottom shoes and be a warrior.  


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Ok, and now back to the badass stylists and their clients.  I love this video.  These three ladies are so cute!!