The Obamas Are Back


So the Inaguration was yesterday. President Obama gave a speech clearly detailing a liberal agenda, as CNN stalked Jay-Z and Beyonce with their cameras. Personally I'm getting a bit tired of the POTUS&FLOTUS/Jay&Bey love affair. The funny thing is that I watched the inauguration coverage on PBS, and they literally only showed Jay and Bey twice in the audience. When did CNN officially stop pretending to be a legitimate news channel?Anyway, onto what's really important, Michelle. I think she looked lovely, both at the Inauguration and at the Inauguration Ball. The Thom Browne menswear inspired jacket she wore for the Inauguration looked chic and modern. As for the Ball, I loved the Jason Wu dress, and the color was very attractive on her. Not eveyone can make red look classy.

And now back to those bangs. Remember how I said I wasn't a fan, well, I'm changing my mind. They've grown on me.

Oh yeah, one more thing, did you notice how Beyonce succeeded in somehow making the inauguration about her? Her singing was just okay, so no one was really talking about it one way or the other. But wait, what's everyone talking about today?? The Beyonce lips syncing scandal. Did she or didn't she? Blah blah. It's all about Queen Bey. Oh well.