The Magical Monorail


You know how something can seem so lame to you, but then when you look at it through your child's eyes, it's suddenly transformed into, like, the best thing ever? I love that! There is nothing like having a child to remove a bit of snark and bring back more wonder into our convenience driven lives.So, in Seattle, we have this thing called the Monorail. It was built in 1962 for the Worlds Fair. Initially and for the past several decades it was hoped that it could actually become a usable transit system for the Seattle area. But of course, since Seattle is notoriously horrible at accomplishing any public transportation situation that makes sense, that never happened. So the monorail has remained all these years as a silly little relic that can go about 2 miles, back and forth between one downtown stop and the Seattle Center. To Seattleites, that thing is really just a bit of a joke, and an eyesore. But yesterday, it became much more. Miles' dad has been out of town from business, so I've been trying to fill his day with special activities. One of his favorite places to go is the Seattle Science Center, so I decided we would get up early, get some hot cocoa and catch the monorail to the Science Center. I had told Miles the night before and we spoke about it that morning. He was so excited! I wish I could bottle that type of enthusiasm and drink it every morning :). Everyone we walked by in the street he waved to, and told them he was going on the train. His smile took over his whole face. So, clearly, we had a really good day. And I, a cynical Seattleite, actually enjoyed our little Monorail adventure. It was kind of fun bopping along on the bumpy ride, watching Seattle whisk by. Leave it to a 2 year old to show you the fun side of life. Here's some pics from our little trip: