The Love of a Grandpa

So, last week our family experienced it's first Miles related injury. As my dad went to pick up my son, he pulled a muscle in his back. Now, let me just say that my parents aren't those gray haired, saggy skin, shuffling around in house slipper kind of grandparents. They run 3-6 miles per day, take yoga and Centergy, hike, go out for happy hour, and in general look pretty damn amazing. Basically, my parents are in better shape than me and my husband, and somehow have better skin. I mean, I'm starting to get forehead lines while my mom and dad have perfectly smooth skin. (Should I feel ashamed of this?? Lol) When all of us our together (me, my husband, my son, and my parents), most people think we are just friends hanging out. I guess the saying "black don't crack," rings true, although my black is kinda cracking, so who knows.

Anyways, the fact that my dad pulled his back is surprising and I feel awful for him, as he has been in pain all week, but somehow, the experience is also endearing. I mean, my dad loves his grandson so much that even as he is injured, he wants nothing more than to have Miles around, and visa versa. Seriously, Miles and my father are best little buddies.  If my father and I walk into the room at the same time, Miles gets the biggest grin on his face and reaches for his grandpa (or gapa as Miles calls him). When my dad first hurt his back, Miles was devastated by the fact that his grandpa couldn't pick him up and rough house with him. And conversely, my dad was itching to pick up his little buddy. Actually, at one point last week, my dad caved and picked up Miles, which lead to a prompt "quick come take him from me" as my dad stood there in pain.

So, like I said, I'm sad that my dad is in pain, but this situation has also been a touching experience. On one hand, as a parent, there's nothing better than seeing someone other than you give so much unconditional love to your child - through pain, stress, or whatever. On the other hand, I love that through my son, I have been able to give a special gift of love and happiness to my parents, who have sacrificed and given so much to me.

Xoxo, Mama in Style