The Death of a Legend

20120213-085307.jpg This past weekend we lost one of music's great legends, Whitney Houston. The tragic news broke hours before she was set to attend Clive Davis' annual pre Grammy Party. Houston was discovered in her bathtub, unconscious. Although paramedics arrived within minutes of the emergency call, she could not be revived. She is survived by her daughter, Bobby-Kristina.

All weekend, various news outlets have been playing that iconic Grammy performance where Houston belted out her hit single "I Will Always Love You." As I watch that video it brought back the emotions I had as a little girl watching her. As a little brown girl, growing up in a Eurocentric society, it can often be difficult to feel good about oneself. However, I remember seeing Whitney on stage, looking beautiful and elegant, sounding unbelievably perfect. Seeing her beauty somehow made me feel beautiful.

So, despite all of her public meltdowns and very obvious battle with addiction, at this point I will choose to remember her for the icon she was for me when I was a young girl. RIP Whitney Houston.

Check out her 1994 performance of "I Will Always love you" at the Grammys here:

Whitney Houston at the 1994 Grammy Awards