The Ballet Village


So, my daughter started ballet this week and if  this wasn’t the perfect example of my new model of my life, then I don’t know what is.

Ballet class was scheduled to start on Monday. On Sunday night I realized that I had never hit “purchase” in my amazon cart full of ballet gear that I had racked up a week before. You want to know a secret about motherhood? For every doctors appointment. Sports activity, nanny schedule, after school pick-up from grandma, after school activity, there is a parent who sat down with calendar and a to do list a mile long and figured what to put where. Email lists, correct garb, liability waivers, fees - and don’t even get me started on summer!! I’m sure a lot of us mamas are already in summer camp sign up hell (yes, that summer, the one that still 6 months away. Ookkuurrrr. THis sh*t is no joke -#firstworldproblems).

Anyway, I digress. So, on Sunday I realized that my best laid plans didn’t actually reach lift off and my daughter had no ballet clothes.  Resigning to roll with my new reality -  I’m a single mom and I’m just NOt going to remember EVERY. DAMN. THING! -  I said to myself, Elle can go to ballet in stretch pants and socks. I mean, this is not a REAL problem in the grand scheme of things). 

But then I remembered I had a village....So let’s rewind a moment. I want to acknowledge how amazing my village has been in not just keeping MEvgoing but also looking out for my family and kids.  One of my ladies was determined to make sure our little cluster of girls got to do ballet together.  She even came to my house one night with the sign up sheet in hand so I wouldn’t forget.  I have a lot on my soul at the moment and it’s not just about me (even though there are days where I wish it was) and I’m so thankful to my village for understanding that. So, Elle got signed up with her little girlfriends (which is also a miracle because she suffers from second child syndrome...)

And now fast forward a couple weeks.  Elle is signed up for ballet but her mom forgets to actually purchase her gear.  I had a packed day at work on Monday and knew i wouldn’t make it the dance store that’s 10 miles away to buy the appriopriate attire. Geez. .  So, I text me tribe with kids already in ballet: “help I need ballet pass me downs, whatever works!!!.” My girl immediately goes digging in her stocks  and puts it out in her porch for me to dig though in the AM before work.

ok, I won’t bore you with anymore details, but long story short, the day culminated into my mom being the hero of the story and  running to a dance store, buying Elle a perf Elle ballet outfit and wisking her to ballet class, were I met them only 16 minutes late!  I mean look at this outfit! Only a grandma could have pulled this together so perfectly!


So we did it, thanks to my village. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 And what Ive come to realize is that o am not an island. I cannot do this alone. But I don’t have to. And that’s just, well everything.  I saw something on an Instagram post. “When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more.” ###yaasss And in the meantime, wear pink and dance!  


Oh, and we ate smores after. So yes, cavities. Don’t judge. Yay us!  #2019

Crystal Ahmadi