Swim class

This week, Miles started swim lessons, and he did it in true Miles style. Reject, reject, reject, until he's ready to like it.Here's what's really crazy, Miles is like a fish. He loves the water. As long as he has his swim wings on, he will swim in the lake all day, even when it's cold. The kid LOVES the water. So naturally I thought swim lessons would be perfect for him, and the great part is that I don't have to participate unlike most toddler classes - (Seriously, nothing sounds worse than one of those sports camps, in the middle of the summer, 8 months pregnant, chasing after my runway toddler and some balls, no thanks). Well, guess again. Miles hated his lessons.

Day 1 involved a lot of screaming and crying and saying "I need to get out of here," as he kept trying to climb out of the pool. I was able to convince him to at least sit on the stair in the pool and watch the other kids. But as soon as the teacher started speaking to Miles, Miles responded promptly by crying. It was the crazies thing I had ever seen from. I couldn't even bribe him with promises of ice cream!!

Day 2, I brought in back-up. Daddy came with us, with the goal of swimming a little bit before class started. This went well, but as soon as class started and dad got out of the pool, Miles started crying and screaming. My husband was in shock (I dont think he quite believed me when I told him this was Miles' reaction) and said we need to just take him out of the class (go figure, daddy is a bigger softy than me). But after lots of insisting and coersing, I got Miles to sit back on the stair and watch the other kids in the class. As the other kids used floaties and other devices to swim around, Miles sat there crying. Each time the teacher introduced a new task, we would ask Miles of he wanted to join, but he tearfully refused. Then the teacher asked the kids if they wanted to swim around with no floaties as he held them. Suddenly, Miles wiped his tears and let his little head nod. I couldnt believe it. "Miles, do you want to do this torpedo swim," I asked with some trepidation. "Yes!" he said, and jumped right in. Well, of course no one was quite ready for that response, so the teacher wasnt ready to catch him, and Miles sunk to the bottom of the little pool, but when the teacher grabbed him up, he came up smiling and happily kicked around the pool with the teacher's help. Everyone started cheering, and laughing! That's my boy. Never wants to do anything baby style, he just wants to jump right in. Oh my.