Still My Baby

Yep. That really happened.  After a long work day we hopped in the car to battled the downtown traffic to get to the costume store. The kids were excited to get their costumes. I was excited to be done worrying about costumes. We walked in the door of the costume store and my 8 year old runs out screaming and crying.  The dude that wants to be a demon or a death eater or whatever horrible thing he can think of is suddenly terrified by a witch and skelton display at a costume store. I mean....I tried to convince him to go back in.  My attempts were futile.

Part of me was annoyed that we drove all that way and still didn’t have a costume picked out.   The other part of me was giddy with mom glee that at heart, he is still my soft hearted, kind souled, baby.  

Meanwhile, the whole drive home I had to listen to my 5 year old screaming “you ruined it, you ruined it, you ruined everything! It wasn’t even scary!” at the very top of her lungs...over and over. 

Oh my babies. Love them.  

Crystal Ahmadi