Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones


So, today my daughter got the all clear from her doctor.  This was her second broken bone in 12 months.  This one required surgery.  

And gosh, not to be the mom that makes her kids’ things all about her, but as I say there in that room, I did think a bit about me.  But mostly I was thinking about me and Elle in the context of this past 12- 18 month.  Our family changed, school changed, and this little girl had two broken bones in the span of 9 months. And broken bones don’t just mean the pain of the induct, it’s the post op appointments, missed days at school (missed days at work for mom) , missed play dates for fear of too much activity, missed activities while you heal, hours upon hours spent at a hospital - xrays, exams, etc.

You know, Elle is a really emotional child.  It comes out in different ways.  But when we left the hospital day, she became very seirus, shy, and whiny, clingy.  This was an ordeal for her that pulled at emotional places new and deep.  And honestly, it did the same for me.  Seeing my baby in pain, surgery, running all over town, ontop of absorbing a crumbling marriage. Whenever people ask me how the kids are doing with the separation, I literally want to cry because I am so amazed and proud by my two super heroes. They’ve come through A LOT. Sticks and stones AND broken bones.  Here’s to new beginnings.

Crystal Ahmadi