Stay at Home Moms Worth Over $96k Per Year

20120217-015232.jpgYes, you read that right, stay at home moms worth over 96k. Gotta love this if your a stay at home mom!

If your like me, sometimes you feel guilty not using your ridiculously expensive college degree(s) at a job outside the home. However, a recent shows shows that us stay at home moms are worth over 96k in annual income. Not bad I say, not bad at all.

Here's the break down:

Private Chef = $52,260 per year Personal chefs make around $200 to $500 a day, plus grocery delivery services generally come with a $5-10 fee

Housekeeping = $6,136 per year Average standard weekly maid service costs about $118 per week

Child Care = $31,200 per year This is a big one! A good nanny costs between $600-950 per week AND gets health benefits and sick days

Driver = $4,168 per year Red Cap, which provides just the drivers (not the car), runs about $1,000, plus between 33 cents and $2 per minute

Laundry Service = $936 per year Lets go with 90 cents and $1 per pound to wash, dry, fold, hand, and steam your clothes

Lawn Maintenance = $1,560 per year Most moms don't do all their yard work (after all, that's why you had kids), so lets assume your weekly services cost about $30 per week

Total for a year of all services is: $52,260 + $6,137 + $31,200 + $4,168 + $936 + $1,560 = $96,261 per year.

This definitely justifies my shopping habit :).

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