Star Magazine Outdoes Itself, Grades Celebrity Moms


Are they serious?!! I had to post this just because of the sheer stupidity of it all! Grading celebrity moms? Wow. I mean, I know this is Star Magazine and they're basically bottom of the barrel, but I still think this is a sad representation of the way outsiders judge motherhood and parenting. We are all expected to be an unrealistic and frankly psychotic version of a perfect mother and if heaven forbid we pull an Angelina Jolie and let our kids eat Cheetos, we've failed. Yuk. My theory: if you're not part of that family, it's not your place to judge how they do things.

Many mags like these think that women want to read such stories to feel better about ourselves; but I don't think that as moms we are really this fragile, hyper-jealous, über insecure version of women that some want to make us out to be. Especially since becoming a mom, I've met a lot of strong and supportive women who are all just doing our best to tackle this womanhood and/or motherhood thing, and who do nothing but wish the best for their peers. Do we really feel better about our turns as mothers and women by ingesting the failures of other moms? Doubtful. And for the ones who do behave this way and for the times when even the best of us get taken over by a little green bug named jealousy, all I can say is, Do Better, because I know we can.

And that is my rant for the day :)