Sophia Vergara is Just Like Us

Did you guys see the "Bad Hair Day" episode of Modern Family last night?  As usual, it was the right mix of a cute, endearing, cheesy comedy.  But what I really loved was Sophia Vergara's charcter, Gloria.  I loved watching Gloria, the new mom, this episode.  She is that person who annoyingly bounced right back to her pre-baby body immediately after popping out her little guy, ugh, don't you just hate those women? lol.  But what I loved was how she took pride in the fact she wasn't just shallow Gloria anymore.  Now, the fact that she looked gorgeous and managed to take care of a house and husband all had new meaning with a newborn thrown into the mix.  She gloated with pride everytime someone exclaimed "I don't know how you do it."  But the reality was, she really just wanted to was a spa day - like pre-baby Gloria, and she was willing to lie and manipulate her way into getting it. She wanted of a few hours of selfish luxury - because having a baby and keeping your sh*t together afterwords is hard, hard work, I don't care what anyone says. And Gloria needed a few hours off.

So really, aren't we all just like Gloria?  We relish in the fact that we were able to go to morning yoga, make 3 meals and 2 snacks, take a shower, put on a cute outfit, clean, do laundry, work, go to the park, engage in a stimulating conversation with our partner, catch-up with girlfriends, and teach our kids the alphabet - and make it look so easy.  And yes ladies, we make it look easy, I mean there are constant debates about whether motherhood is actually a hard job.  Ha!  Thats how easy we make it look! But at the end of the day, despite feeling mighty pleased with our motherly accomplishments, don't we sometimes just want to be lazy and self-indulgent, if only for a few hours.  It's nice to be supermom, but its also nice to be a shallow, self-absorbant prima-donna too, right?  Sometimes you just need it.