Sometimes, Your Life is Enough

Let me tell you about my day today, it was perfect.   It’s Sunday, and my kids woke up at 7AM, but I stayed up binge watching Netflix and sipping homemade cocktails the night before, so I was a bit sluggish, truth be told. But my kids are 4 and 7, so I’ve learned to let them manage themselves for an hour or so, which they did.  I’m not entirely  sure what they did for an hour. There might have been some tv shows, and some make-believe sword fights, sprinkled with the occasional little body jumping on me in bed a wrapping me in a big hug.  Perfection.  I got up, made breakfast, we worked on some art for a neighbors birthday, and some art for ourselves.  Then I dropped my son off for a play date while my daughter and I got hot chocolate and popped into a few local shops.  Perfection again.  Later I took my kids to swim lessons where we stumbled upon some friends.  The kids swam, both of our moms played grandma duty, and my girfriend and I snuck off to the sauna to decompress.  Next My father (who I work with) and I hosted a staff meeting with a group of employees that I have really enjoyed working with the past couple of months.  I then met back up with my kids at home who were snuggled up with their grandma while my son Red stories.  And next crossed the street to attend my friends birthday party.  The birthday was an explosion of happiness.  Kids in the basement excitedly scrambling through school projects that are due tomorrow, while adults swirled around upstairs, making family recipes and mingling - loudly. BTW, someone made a home made carbonara pasta (with homemade pasta!! Literally, I saw them making the pasta in the kitchen 😱😱). Someone exclaimed that it was better than sex. Yes, it was that good. There were homemade Puff-Puffs (beignets, Nigerian style), REAL Mac and cheese, dips, salsa, cookies - all family recipes, brought to share, with love. To top it off the kids finished the night with an epic fort making project which then turned into a no f-ing around pillow fight with the grown ups.  Yep, perfection.  And then, to wrap up the night, the kids and I came home and finished our 3 day watchathon of the Wiz. Perfect f-ing day.  

I mean, admittedly, this was a great day.  But you know what was so great about the day.  What was great is that right now, my life is actually not perfect.  There a cracks and defects, hard choices, impossible crossroads.  So tough, that some days I don’t even want to face them.  There’s a massive pile of laundry in the basement, paper work and bills that need to be organized, yard work that need to get done, and just the every day shitstorm of life.  But today was perfect beacuase it was a snapshot of all that I have to be thankful for, all that I have worked to build, and all that I hope to aspire to. It was a day where I could say, it’s okay, breathe, everything is going to alright.  The kids are going to be alright.  Your business is going to alright. You are going to be alright.  Your impossibly imperfect has found its way to perfect.  

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