Soccer Mom

Yes, it has happened, as of today I guess I will officially carry the titleof Soccer Mom. :).

Miles has been kicking a ball literally before he could actually walk on his own, so we thought soccer would be a fun activity for him. Lil Kickers (Arena Sports) offers soccer classes starting at 18 months, and I have to say I actually like how they operate the classes. What I thought would just be toddlers running around kicking balls is actually a bit more. The coaches try to introduce other skill building activities such as running backwards, sideways, stoping, following a course, and scoring goals. These activities all seem really good for toddlers' body control and understanding.

I think Miles was a bit confused at first because all he wanted to do was kick the ball, but he caught on quickly and did pretty well for the first class. It also didn't hurt that the coaches are cute youngish girls, which Miles always enjoys. My little flirt.

Another plus, this class actually ends up being a pretty good activity for me too since I have to run up and down the field with him.