Slope Adventures

Last weekend we finally got miles up to the mountains. This has been a weird winter. My husband had been traveling a ton and we've all been sick multiple times, which severely limited our free weekends. Well last weekend we were all home and healthy, so we huddled up to the mountains. The one good thing about living in our boonies is that we are super close to good skiing, like only 30 minutes. Some we took Miles skiing on Saturday and Sunday so he could really get thr hang of it. And what fun we had! First of all, let me just say, that the mountains are the perfect cute for winter blues. Instead of seeing rain and grey skies, we got to spend the day playing in the fresh powdery wonderland.So, anyway, Miles had the time of his life! He wanted to pretend that he was scared but each time he went down the hill, he had the biggest smile on his face. He loved just walking around on skis, which was great for making him feel comfortable. The hardest part, of course, was getting him to lean forward going downhill (please, I can barely do that, lol). The trick was telling him to be superman! We said "put out your superman arms," and that was it. From then on, h went down the hill perfectly! It was all so fun!