Simplify Your Wardrobe

Being fashionable doesn't have to be complicated.  The trick is to find ways to make it easy on yourself.  In the middle of feedings, diaper changes, art projects, house cleaning, laundry, work, etc., etc., it can be difficult to think about creating a fashionable look everyday.  As I mentioned in my Quote of the Day, my trick is to choose 5-10 pieces and stick faithfully to them throughout the month.  The important part of this strategy is to choose items that are fashionable, functional, and interchangeable.  Make sure to choose items that are easily washed and that you wont feel guilty about when your baby smears mashed peas all over it, otherwise, you'll find an excuse not to wear it, and resort to your comfy Lululemon yoga pants.  I'm sorry ladies, but just because a pair of yoga pants costs $100, it doesn't make it fashionable to wear anywhere except to the yoga studio. Here are my favorite current must-have items.  I found them all at H&, so you can easily grab these for yourself.

Leather Leggings.   This may sound a bit over done, but they're actually very practical.  They're easy to wipe off when your kids' grimy hands rub all over you, and you always look hot.  You can literally wear this with just a plain t-shirt, and a pair of boots, and you'll look super sexy, but not over the top.  Or you can dress this up for date night with a sparkly top (see below) and some pumps.




Something Sparkly. Sparkles make me happy.  Put something shimmery on and you feel fun and feminine.  You can dress it up, or dress it down with jeans and flats to run a few errands.





Bold Blazer.   This is my #1 go to piece.  A blazer always makes you look pulled together, and I love the idea of having one in a bold color just to give you an added pop to any look.





Loose sweater.  Ladies, here  is your sweatshirt replacement.  It's comfortable, but cute.  You can wear this with the leather pants, jeans, leggings, skirt, whatever.  Throw your blazer on top, and your done.  If you want to show your shape, then cinch it with a cute little belt.




Stretchy, short skirt.  These are actually very comfortable, and showing a little leg always make me feels sexy.  If you need a bit more modesty, you can just thrown on a pair of leggings.





Sheer Blouse.  Just like a blazer, somehow a blouse always looks pulled together.  I like the idea of a sheer one because it is sexy enough for a date night, but if you put a tank under it, you can still wear it for an everyday look.  You can wear it alone, or under one of your sweaters, or with the blazer.  Cute and sexy, which is my favorite combo!




Leggings.  Wear these when you need to give the leather ones a break :).  Wear them with your sweater, blazer, sparkly shirt, under your skirt, AND they're comfortable.  Need I say more?