Sick Days & Mommy Guilt

I literally feel like the worst mom in the world. I started of the New Year resolving to limit my TV time, and essentially eliminate TV for my son Miles. My plan started off well, but then, the sickness monster took over. Grrrrr!!!I know everyone and there mother (literally) has been struck by this nasty flu this season, and seems to just keep cycling around. Miles had his flu shot, and isn't getting the flu, but he keeps getting a cough and runny nose. I feel so badly for him because theres not much to be done about it. I just keep pumping him with as many vitamin filled fruits and veggies, and honey laced concoctions (our doctor told us at 2 years old store bought cough aids aren't any better than just plain old honey). Luckily, Miles is in good spirits, but that's part of the problem. A sick 2 year old isn't like a sick adult. A sick adult whines and complains and flumps around in sweats. Miles wants to play. He wants to run and jump and run and jump some more. And all this running and jumping creates a coughing fit, which leads to a little throw-up, or "throat," as he calls it. The other day, he proudly told his grandma "I had a little throat in my house today." Of course I had to play translator. :) Anyways, this has all lead me to basically letting him sit in front of the TV for several hours. There are only so many books, puzzles, trains, and painting he'll sit through for all week of stuck-inside-sick-days. So, I've caved, and we have had a lot of TV. So much, I'm too embarrassed to even reveal the real number of hours. OYE VAY! I guess some weeks, you just have to be a bad mom. I'm having one of those weeks. I CANT WAIT FOR WINTER & FLU SEASON TO BE OVER!!!!!