Give Me Your Money: Fundraising

This week, my kid’s school hosted their annual jog-a-thon. It is one of our biggest fundraising events of the year. In moving my kids to a public school this year, I’ve learned that one of the amazing things about a school’s PTSA is how the funds can truly impact and transform the school. It is really quite amazing. My kids’ school sits in a neighborhood that was historically black (although times have definitely changed the demographics). But was is pretty awesome is that despite the demographic shift, the PTSA works hard to honor the legacy of diversity, including many of the events sponsored by the PTSA, which fundraising helps support. It is pretty special, and I am so glad the kids and I get to be a part of it - and it’s the school my dad went to, how cool is that!? So, when the PTSA makes a call to collect money, we have to answer! I hate asking for money. It’s super awkward, right?? But it was great to involve the kids in the process - Explain to them what their fundraising efforts were going to; That their jog-a-thon would have a real and tangible impact to their school. And they were so excited about the process.

We had some lovely and generous family and friends that helped us reach our goal which felt amazing. So, now we’re busy making thank you cards. Each kid wrote a little message of thanks. (BTW, if you ever get a crumpled little thank you card from my kids, I apologize in advance - I have my kids hand make their invites and thank you cards, and their always a little janky, because, kids….)

There is a lot about living in the current climate, about living in the world that I can’t control. I have been blessed with amazing children, with good and kind hearts. I believe it is important to raise them to be critical thinkers who care deeply about those around them. Because we’re all in this together.

Crystal Ahmadi