Run, run, run

Miles and i went with my parents to a running event last weekend, and I walked out with a pair of bananas amazing running shoes. You know what's funny about kids, they can have fun anywhere. Miles basically stole the show at the event by starting up the treadmills, walking backwards on the treadmills (somehow he got it into his head this was the only way the machines would work), running up and down the isles, and basically putting on a show anyone who would pay attention to him. I haven't been able to figure out yet if people perceive us as those annoying people who let their kid run wild, or if they think Miles is amusing. I try to keep a handle in his shenanigans, but I also want him to be a kid. It's a fine line.

Anyways, I love my shoes and I've already gotten tons of compliments at the gym. My husband thought they were a little loud and crazy, but whateves. I typically hate workout clothes because I think I look really dull in them...but these shoes make me happy. Aren't they fun?! Basically I'm in countdown mode before our Xmas vacation to Cancun. I have to drop some LBs ASAP, and a cute pair of shoes is a good start if you ask me!! Happy running.