Respect and Selfcare

Respect is a funny thing. We all want it. We all think we deserve it. Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, what sacrifices you make, you may never get the respect you deserve. And maybe that’s also a result of us not respecting ourselves enough. Sometimes we have to walk away not just from the disrespect of others, but from ways in which we disrespect ourselves.  Respect of oneselves is an important piece of the self care puzzle. If we can’t learn out to love and respect ourselves and act accordingly, no amount of spa days and cozy book corners will help.  So, the first step is respect and stepping away (if possible) from things in life that don’t fulfill that.

This year, I will choose to work hard to make respectful choices to others, but most importantly to myself.  Because if you treat yourself well, everything else will flow out as it should —— and even if it doesn’t, you know you did your best. 

Crystal Ahmadi