Representation Matters

One of the big conversations over the past few years has been representation.  Representation in film, business, medicine, law, music, government.  The question of why representation matters is asked and answered repeatedly.  Can we succeed without representation? Duh. Women and minority groups have proven this over and over and over throughout history. Overcoming unimaginable hurdles to leave their mark and achieve their dreams.  But the question is, who are we leaving behind? What brilliant little brown girl with a colorful imagination and a love for movies didn’t become a movie producer because she didn’t know this opportunity was an option for her? Or the girl who wants to be a top executive, blazing new paths for a major corpaoration. Or the girl who is not satisfied with the status quo, and wants to mobilize the world to push forward and evolve.  Ava, Bozoma, Tarana.  These are our modern day trailblazers, dreamers, visionaries. But let’s not forget our past. Harriet, Zora, Nina.  The ones who show us and remind us that anything and everything is possible.  Our girls need these reminders. Heck, us grown ass ladies NEED these reminders.  So in honor of Black History Month, I will put up a new post every day, about a black woman who has made a mark, big or small.  Women that remind us that we are great, we are beautiful we are strong, we are unstoppable, and we are necessary. 

Happy Black History Month!*


Disclaimer: Black History Month, while critical for Black Americans, is not just FOR black Americans.  Black History is American hisotry.  The stories and images I’m sharing this month are for us all to enjoy. After all, nothing feels quite like a beautiful story of success despite adversity, achieving dreams in thE face of doubt, and just general badassery.  So enjoy!