Quote of the Day: Perfect Children

I know I usually post about stuff moms say and I do, but I had to post this quote from Liev Schreiber because I think it's very cute and daddyish, and after all, fathers day is coming up!In his recent interview with Vulture magazine, this is what Liev had to say about parenting: “It has made me a better person in fits and starts. I had been a very selfish person most of my life, and that shifts quickly and dramatically. It’s painful and fascinating and ultimately really wonderful, but I am particularly lucky because I have exquisitely beautiful, talented, ­brilliant children,” he says, grinning. “If I had had ugly, stupid children, it would’ve been difficult to turn that corner.”

Hahah, that comment kills me! My husband actually makes similar comments quite regularly. Like he'll say "I'm glad Miles is so beautiful and smart, I really love him. He's exactly the child i wanted." I know in theory it sounds bad, but really every parent thinks their kids are the most beautiful amazing creatures, now matter how they really turn out. I mean, I'm pretty sure our son is a little monster, but in my mind he's a perfect angel.