Quote of the Day: One Mother's Perspective on Having it All


"As somebody who's always been a career woman and very proud of that and committed to my career, to realize, 'Wait a minute, we had children. And this is a huge part of my life that I don't want to miss.'" - The Impossible Juggling Act, Motherhood and Work Anne-Marie Slaughter, a professor at Princeton University and former director of policy planning at the State Department discusses her journey for that elusive dream of "having it all" that many of us moms active for: career, husband, home, kids, etc.

She asserts that especially in our current economic client, it's nearly impossible to actually have it all.

I found this an interesting reading. Its so important to hear experiences of other women because I feel like it helps me gain more perspective on my own life and decisions.

As parents, both mothers and fathers, we all have to make difficult decisions about the course of our lives once our children come. I think the perception of having it all is simply a misperception. I believe we can do anything we want, but we have to be realistic in understanding that sacrifices will be made. So, in my opinion, the issue is really feeling comfortable in making the right sacrifices for you and your family.

Enjoy the read!