Quote of the Day: Jessica Simpson

"My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel," says Simpson. "I'm just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiancé and herself."  Jessica Simpson on her post baby body.



I'm not really the biggest Jessica Simpson fan, and to be perfectly honest, I think she kinda looked like a mess during her pregnancy, BUT, I have to say that in a way, I like how she's handled her pregnancy and post baby body.  In a world obsessed with looking perfect during and immediately after pregnancy, she had enough confidence to do exactly what she wanted. So bravo for her.

I just read somewhere that Kate Hudson said she worked out six hours every day right after having her baby so she could get back in shape.  I'm sorry, but that sounds crazy and completely unrealistic.   When did she spend time with her baby or her husband? I just don't think it sounds cute.  It sounds unhealthy and obsessive.  Actually, that's information that she should maybe have kept to herself.  :) .  But seriously, it seems like that is exactly the kind of craziness our world is coming to.  We have driven moms so crazy with looking perfect that they will spend a quarter of their day working out. Yikes!  So, I guess, I have to just say, good job Jessica Simpson.  Congrats on not taking the crazy train.

Another thing I like about her statement is that it shows us moms that not everyone is the same, and that's ok.  Yes, some women may bounce back right after baby and look svelte and photo-shoot ready ala Gisele Bunchen, but others may take more time.  The important thing is to be healthy and happy.