Quote of the Day: Audrey Hepburn

"How to be lovely?  You've gotta be happy."  Funny Face, starring the incomparable Audrey Hepburn - duet sung by Audrey Hepburn and Kay Thompson.

The other day I watched one of my favorite movies Funny Face, and although I've watched this movie literally over 100 times, for some reason I never paid much attention to Hepburn's  duet with Kay Thompson, "On How to Be Lovely."  However, it's a great song, probably one of the best in the movie because it tells women that being truly lovely and beautiful comes from being happy.  Have you ever met someone who had an inner glow about them, that just made them beautiful?  I love those types of people.  Somehow, they also make you feel lovely and happy just being around them.

So today, make your fashion accessory a positive attitude and a big grin.  It's sure to make any outfit look lovely.