Quote of the Day


"Maybe we need to accept the fact that the sharp demarcation between work and home is a thing of the past, and that the new normal is a life that integrates home and work more seamlessly." Ron Ashkenas, Forbes.com I think this may be the most accurate description of how we need to handle life in the modern world, finding a way to blend could be an unexpected way to find "balance." With smart phones and tablets, it's easier than ever to squeeze in an email or a quick work call of necessary. Isn't it better to actually take that family vacation and accept that you may need to make a few phone calls, as opposed to canceling it? Or wouldn't you love to start that little writing project you've always dreamed about but keep putting off, by finding ways to blend work times in between nap times, or those rare 10 minutes when a toddler decides to play on his own. Like, the other day I needed a mani pedi, but I also needed to work out, and I only had one free hour. So I jogged to the nail salon. Blending!

On a very small scale, this made me also think about how I manage style as a mom (obviously I'm not comparing board meetings to picking out a skirt, but stay with me). I very rarely have only date clothes or lounging clothes or going grocery shopping clothes. Why? Because life moves too quickly. There's not always time to go home and change, so I'd rather always wear an outfit that I could easily wear to a restaurant, park, or sitting at home. I'd rather feel styled and put together everyday instead of feeling homely 90% of the time and waiting for some special moment to dress up. We're women, we don't need a special occasion to be cute. Just a thought.

P.S. Don't you love how I slipped in a style comment in a quote that was about working? ;) lol.