Pumpkin Pickers


I didn't grow up celebrating Halloween, and I must admit that its not my favorite holiday. As a married mom, I kind of feel like I'm out of that stage where we use Halloween as an excuse to dress trashy and get drunk. And as for my toddler, a lot of Halloween is either too scary or not interesting enough to hold his attention. But, alas, as a mom, I think its my job to make things fun and engaging for my little Miles. So we try to make a fun adventure of going pumpkin picking.

We like going to a little farm, somehow it feels special. There's one not far from our house that's family run and offers home made donuts, cider, and a little bluegrass band playing catchy background music.

However, this year didn't go quite as smoothly because we weren't dressed appropriately. Classic mommy mistake. When we left the house the sky was clear, 15 minutes later when we arrived at the farm, buckets of rain were coming down. We had no rain boots, no rain jackets and we were at a wet muddy farm. Not good times. We quickly grabbed 3 pumpkins and hauled a$$ out of there. I think we're going to try again this week, with the appropriate equipment this time :) Lesson learned. Never go to a farm in the Fall, in Seattle, without a trunk full of rain gear. Oh well. I think we had fun anyways. Here are a few pics from our quick and wet pumpkin picking adventure.