Peek, and Their Amazing Staff, Comes to Seattle


I made an amazing discovery last week. Peek is now in Seattle! During a little playdate/shopping trip to the University Village we happened to stumble upon the recently opened Peek store, located conveniently next to the little outdoor play area :). The kids clothes as Peek are not only adorable and fun, they're also pretty affordable. Shirts, shoes, and pants can range from $20-$40. Not exactly cheap, but definitely well priced, and they have great sales.I got Miles a couple of shirts and a pair of way too fabulous neon green Vans (all on sale).

Also, although I do like the clothing, honestly, my #1 selling point for Peek Seattle is the staff. I have literally never been to a children's store more in tuned with the fact that it's a children's store. The staff are exceptionally patient and helpful. One of the amazing sales people, Christian, actually got down on the floor and read a book to our boys while we shopped. Then he gave them little balls and dinosaurs to play with around the store while us mamas shopped. Lovely, lovely staff. I really cannot say enough great things about them. I will definitely be a repeat shopper.

They do have an online store at, but I would recommend a trip to the store, it's a great experience. Plus your kids can go play at the U Village playground after, and you can even get lunch. It's a great day out with the kids (as far as shopping trips go).

Most importantly, how cute does Miles look in his neon green Vans? Here he is modeling his new shirt and shoes from Peek.