Papa at Preschool


Today Miles' dad came to preschool with us for the first time! Miles was so excited this morning when I told him his papa was coming with us, I mean full on excited: jumping up and down, screaming, laughing. At one point before we left Fabian (papa) went to the car to grab something and Miles started screaming "don't leave without me papa.". Very cute stuff.Anyways, when we got to school of course Miles had a great time showing everything. What I always find funny is how kids love when a dad is around. What is that about? Seriously, most of the little kids hovered around Miles and his papa happily playing dinosaurs and trucks. But what is it about the dads? It happens with every dad that comes to visit. Is It just that our kids are tired of seeing a bunch of moms everywhere they go, and they're happy for a little change-up? I think it's adorably funny.