Pampered Mama: TOMS Shoes


So I guess I'm a little late to the whole TOMS Shoes bandwagon, but really, it's only because I wasn't so crazy about the look. I've been seeing people walk around town with the TOMS shoes for months, and I honestly didn't get the appeal at first. However, that all changed once I learned the history behind the shoes, and also, once I slipped a pair on. The idea for TOMS started after a 2006 trip to Argentina where TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie discovered the alarming amount of children without shoes. He created TOMS to give one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased. On, Mycoskie explains that the lack of shoes is actually a serious issue because not only is it uncomfortable and painful, it can also lead to skin penetrating diseases, infections from cuts and wounds to the feet, and can even prevent children from attending school due to a shoe requirement in classrooms.

So, of course I was moved by this story and inspired to at least try on a pair of the now infamous TOMS.  Once I did, I was completely surprised by the feeling of these shoes. They are so super comfortable! It almost felt like I had nothing on my feet. Also, when I saw that they come in a glittery edition, I was even more excited. Comfy, cute, and philanthropic? I'm sold! That's why TOMS shoes are my Pampered Mama pick this week. So, go pick up a pair. Do something good for your feet, and the feet of a little person in need, somewhere in the world.