Our Hunters Are Here!


I've been obsessing about getting my son a pair of Hunters since last year, when I discovered they didn't yet make them in his size. Now that he's a Toddler I quickly went to Nordstormto buy him his first Hunters, only to find out these boots literally flew off te shelves and theyre completely sold out, except for pink and silver. Now, I'm probably just about as liberal minded as any granola eating, hemp wearing hippy, but I have to draw the line at putting my son in pink rainboots. Well, my husband discovered that they sell them on Zappos, with free 1 day delivery! Yay! And the great thing about this new Hunter Kids toddler version is that there is no heel, which makes it easier for little toddler feet to walk in. So, they're here today, just in time for a very rainy trick or treat evening. And doesn't he look too cute in his yellow Hunters?!