Opening Day at The Lake

Saturday April 28, 2012 was Opening Day on our lake.  Opening Day is the day of the year when you can officially fish in the lakes.  Since my parents first built the house over 16 years ago, it has been a tradition in our family to indulge in some good old fashioned fishing on this day, and of course throughout the season.   Now that my little family has taken over the lake house, it was our turn to host Opening Day. So this year, in addition to my family, we invited some good friends over to help share in the celebration.  I made quiche for breakfast.  1 mushroom and leek quiche, and one pea, goat cheese, leek and mint quiche.  They were quite yummy (i'll post the recipes later). Our friends have a little boy the same age as Miles, so the two boys had an  amazing time playing together.  Miles only lasted for a couple minutes on the dock with his fishing pole, but he had a great time during the rest of the day playing with his buddy. Watching those two play together is so hilarious.  They were like two little curly head men, running around, playing instruments, and just being too darn cute!  The two boys definitely had a great time entertaining my parents.

Then there were two other little boys who had a great time: the husbands.  The two husbands played hunter/gatherer by bring home the bacon, or in this case, the fish.  After  disappearing for several hours out on the fishing boat, they brought back 7 good sized trout which we put on the bbq and ate for dinner.

All in all, it was another fabulous day out on the lake.