Noteworthy Links

Jessica Simpson posing nude on the April cover of Elle - Hot or not? Or just played out? I know Jessica Simpson is supposed to be a fashion powerhouse, but I have NOT been impressed with her pregnancy looks. I guess in general, I'm not in love with her style. She always looks a bit sloppy to me. Maybe this naked photo shoot is the best she's looked in a while :). (BTW, despite my general indifference to Jessica Simpson, I am super excited for her new show, Fashion Star, but mostly because of her partner Nicole Richie, who I adore! Her pregnancy and motherhood fashion has always been and inspiration for me). Speaking of Nicole Richie, here she speaking about her mentoring gig on Fashion Star - By the way, I love the dress she is wearing here. It's a perfect spring look!

Mom in labor for 75 days, hanging upside down to save her babies - This is truly a remarkable story! A must read.

The 7 Grossest Things About Pregnancy That No One Talks About - From constipation to sweat marks. This is pretty funny. Although I could think of at least 7 more things, even more shocking. Oh the joys of motherhood!

Reality Stars dish on Snooki's pregnancy - Reality Star Snooki, mostly known for her drunk antics, is pregnant. Yikes. I really don't like giving attention to negative reality show maniacs like the Jersey Shore kids, but this story gets my attention, only because as a mom myself, I'm actually very distressed over this pregnancy and childbirth. I'm hoping her drunken craziness is all just an act, and she'll have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Best of luck.