My Nordstrom Trend Show Review

20121028-170507.jpg Yesterday my mom and I attended Nordstrom's Fall 2012 Beauty Trend show. We had a great time spending the day together, being girly, but here is my honest opinion of the show: good, not great. I hate to sound like a Negative Nancy, but the event was a bit - well, how do I say this delicately - lacking. As far as the show, I thought the fashion was not up to par. I understand it's a beauty show, but the models should also been dressed beautifully as well, and most just were not. The best dressed were the Armani beauty model, who wore head to toe Vince, and the Chanel beauty model who wore the cutest little Marc by Marc Jacobs black leather pleated skirt. But those were the only fashion high points. Another thing I found strange was, why weren't Armani models wearing Armani and Chanel models wearing Chanel? This is Nordstrom. They carry all those brands. I would think the fashion houses who have beauty products and clothes would want to put forward a cohesive statement. Another pet peeve I had were the actual trends. I didn't think there was anything mind blooming about the trends. Great skin, red lips. They said red lips are in for Fall, but I've been doing red lips since last year, I don't think it's anything too new. Also, they kept talking about red lips but they literally barely said two words about great brands to try. They just kept saying to come down to the makeup counters and get matched. Weird right? Like they could have talked about the variations of red from different brands: I would have liked tips like: "Chanel's red has more blue tones which are best for xyz skin tone/hair color, etc., while MACs red is great for blah blah blah." I mean, hello, these are beauty experts from all over the world, talking about the latest trend and they didn't give a single tip about choosing the right one. That just really bothered me. My last qualm was with SOME of the salespeople. I have to say that most of them were great, but there were enough who just seemed really bothered to be there and hesitant to give samples, which created a weird vibe.

That being said, most of the sales people and make up artists were amazingly friendly and helpful, and the host, Joelle Russo had so much energy and was so adorable! We chatted with her a bit after the show and she was really lovely, and funny, and sweet. I really really enjoyed her. Speaking of people, this brings me to another part of what I loved: my makeup appointment!! My mom and I both had appointments at Bobbi Brown. I've always loved Bobbi for face make up because the colors match my skin tone the best, and my appointment didn't disappoint! My mom and I both had an amazing experience getting beautiful and our makeup artists were so knowledgable and excited to do our makeup. You could tell they had a real passion for their work, and I love that, it got me excited. Plus they even got me to try a new look, pinks. I typically hate pink makeup. It makes me think of some really perky country girl with big blond hair. But, the look my artist created was perfection! Dark eyes, pink cheeks, pink lips, seriously, it looked pretty awesome. I received lots of "oooo" and aaaahhwws." I'm not saying I'm giving up my bright lips, but I love this as an alternative look. Another thing I loved were the samples that I actually did get. So far, my absolute favorite is Trish Macavoy's Instant Eye Lift. I never used to believe in those types of products, but trust me when I tell you this one works. It completely smooths fine lines and dark circles, which most of us mamas desperately need :). I'll be testing out the rest of my samples this week, and let you all know which ones I'm digging!