Mother, Hero Saves Baby Girl During Florida Storm


As most of you all probably know, there is some crazy weather going on in Florida right now. Storm Debbie made headlines this week as it wreaked a lot of havoc in the Florida pan handle area, but one story was particularly heart wrenching. Mother, Heather Town, 32, died while protecting her 3-year-old daughter during a twister, associated with the storm. The tornado hit her home and flung the mother and her cradled baby about 200 feet into surrounding woods. When Heather Town was found, she was still cradling her little girl. "She never let go of her little one, even in death," said the Highland County Sheriff Susan Benton. The little girl survived. Such a devastatingly heroic story. A story that captures the depths of a mothers love for her family.

Our thoughts go out to the surviving child and Ms. Town's love ones.