Monday Resolution: Calendaring

Calendaring: I'm not sure if you can turn calendar into a verb, but I'm going to, so bear with me.

It's Monday and I'm back from a much needed family trip to Victoria, BC (more on that later).  Last week was a bit hellish and I desperately needed a recovery.  Between a semi sick toddler entering a VERY obstinate stage, a dramatically sick husband, and the visit of my monthly friend, I was feeling a wee bit tired and a lot a bit frayed around the edges.

Adding to my general exhaustion and PMSing, I was feeling really annoyed that I haven't been able to 100% stick to my Monday Resolutions.  Just because things aren't going perfectly, I should still be able to stick with my plans, because the whole point of my resolutions is do something simple that I can stick with.  So what was my problem?! Grrrr.

A couple of months ago my husband was traveling a ton; I'm talking all week every week, so Miles and I were essentially on our own (minus the grandparents).  But during this time I was super organized.  I had a 6 day per week workout regime, daily home made healthy meals, a very functional wardrobe, I was ontop of my laundry, the house was nearly spotless, and I had plenty of energy to spare.  Now, my husband works from home which affords some extra help - he can spend a few minutes of his lunch break to play with Miles and he's home every night to be a part of dinners and bath times - but somehow I'm much more scattered. Then I remembered, during that hectic time, I was very over the top about calendaring.  I had a tight schedule with nearly every hour accounted for and written down for me to reference at the start of every day.

So, as this week's Monday Resolution, I will be reinstating my calendaring initiates, and thereby helping myself maintain my sanity and my other Monday Resolutions :).

Here's and example:


  • 7:30: 2o minute jog
  • 8:30: breakfast
  • 9:15: clean
  • 9:30: Art projects with Miles
  • 10:45: Snack time
  • 11: Free play with Miles
  • 12: Lunch
  • 1PM: Nap time for Miles - Work time for mommy (I'm writing a book y'all!)
  • 3PM: Errands (grocery shopping, etc)
  • 5:30 Make Dinner
  • 6:30PM: Dinner
  • 7:30PM: Bath time for Miles
  • 8PM: Bedtime for Miles
  • 9PM: Bath time for Mommy
  • 10PM: Work
  • 11PM: Bed

See, it looks a little bit nuts right? Almost every hour accounted for seems a bit OCD.  But it really works!! So, I'm back at it.  And because I'm obsessed with things being cute, I've been checking out fun little calenders on  Like this chalk board wall calendar, I think it looks super hip and it's easy to add and remove items monthly.