Monday Resolution


Welp, it's my first Monday Resolution as a 30 year old :), so naturally my post will be wiser and more mature. JK. Why is it that we create a big build up of anguish before a milestone birthday, only to wake up the next morning and realize, that we are exactly the same person we were 24 hours prior? Pure silliness. So anyways, I made it through my 30th birthday week, which was lovely, and now onto another big milestone this week. The 5th Wedding Anniversary!! Dun, Dun, Dunnn......I think being a 5 years married woman with an almost 2 year old baby might actually make me feel older than my 30th birthday.

Actually, I'm very excited. Its really an extraordinary feeling having a partner, friend, and lover that you feel secure with. Its one of the most liberating feelings and I feel very lucky to have that in my life.

Thus, in honor of my 5 year marriage, this week is all about getting sexified! We'll be celebrating our anniversary at the London Hotel in LA, nibbling on gourmet cuisine from Gordon Ramsey, and I really don't want to be sitting poolside looking like some suburban housewife (although that's technically what I am, but you get the point). I've amped up my workout routine (meaning actually attempting to stay consistent), decreased my food intake (although I still can't bring myself to relinquish the wine), and I'm unpacking the short shorts, mini skirts, and lingerie. My husband and I will have a full weekend sans Miles (our first) and I plan to enjoy it. I can wear outfits with silky materials without worrying about dirty hands, I can wear sky high heels without calculating my risk of breaking an ankle and sending my son and I collapsing to the ground, AND I can enjoy just being a married couple. YAY!!

So, I guess, my resolution is to remember. Remember what it was like being a single girl when all I wanted was to look hot for your man. Maybe I'm shallow, but it's like playing dress up when you were 5. There is something fun and innocent about getting pretty. I think with all the women's lib and feminist movement ideologies, women sometimes think it's a crime to crave attention from their partner for their physicality. Yes, it is a new generation and our partners love us for our minds, but lets face it, it's not as if sex isn't part of the equation. So, this week I just want to have fun being sexy, skipping along in cute outfits, drinking overpriced wine, and enjoy reconnecting with my soul mate.

As a reminder, I started looking through a few old photos of us:

St. Tropez

The Provence,  FR 2009