Monday Resolution


Its Monday again, and this monday marks the start of my birthday week. And not just any birthday. On Wednesday I will be turning 30. THIRTY!! I must admit that I'm freaking out a bit. I've never really been one to pay much attention to my age. Growing older each year never used to bother me, perhaps because I felt that I had accomplished a lot at a young age: graduated law school at 23, married at 25, baby at 28. Bam, bam, bam. Checking boxes left and right, or so I thought, and then 30 crept up on me. Somehow, those two numbers 3-0, require me to sit back and really take stock of myself. Have I accomplished all I had hoped to by this age, am I positioning myself to keep achieving, what is it I want to achieve anyways, am I the person I hoped I would be, am I good wife-mother-daughter-grandaughter-woman-person, am I fit enough, I am healthy enough, am I happy enough?

So this week my Monday resolution is reflection. Reflection on all the things that make my life go round, understanding them, continuing to explore ways to live with purpose and allow myself to enjoy the life I have spent 30 years creating.